Welcome to The Riverstone Movement School! 

We are women who consistently move together. 

We expand ourselves through love, awareness & community.

We love to feel bold & bright!

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In The Riverstone Movement School you will learn:

  • A 7-Step Posture System to Radically Craft Your Body
  • Simple, yet Powerful 10-Minute Mindful Movement Practices
  • Massively Elevate Your Body-Mind System Awareness and Practice Deepening Your Connections
  • How to Optimize the Way You Breathe, Sit, Stand, Walk and Move through Space, so You Have Brighter Energy Every Day
  • How to Soften Tension, Strengthen Weaknesses and Create More Space in Your Body
  • What it Feels like to Show Up Consistently with a Loving Community


I'm Ready to Join the School Now!

In The Riverstone Movement School you receive:

Mindful Movement Practice Four (4) Days per Week, 3 Weeks Per Month (15 min M-Th)

Join The Riverstone Movement community for Live Mindful Movement Practices with Lila.You'll be supported & learn how to practice on your own during the 4th & 5th weeks of each month.

Monthly Deep-Dive Workshop with Lila

Join The Riverstone Movement School community for a deep dive training with Lila & have an opportunity to be coached directly.

Access to The Riverstone Movement Library of Video, Audio and Visual Trainings

Access trainings anytime from anywhere in the world, so you can practice & feel good in your body!

BONUS #1 CELEBRATION SUPPORT! “Community Accountability Chat” 

Access The Riverstone Movement Community, so you don’t feel alone & maintain momentum.

BONUS #2 CHALLENGES! The Riverstone Mindful Movement, 42-Day Challenges

For every 3 months you’re in the school, you get access to a challenge to show up for 42-Days of practice with The Riverstone Movement School community.

Prizes awarded for every 42-Day Challenge you fully complete! (E.g. Get a proprietary 4’x6’ Riverstone Movement Mat after you complete your first 42-Day Contest)

These special prizes will help you stay consistent with your focus & alignment while practicing mindful movement for a long time!

ONLY $497/month to Join The School now

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The Riverstone Movement School Weekly Practice schedule is:

Monday: 4 pm mst – 4:15 pm mst/6 pm est – 6:15 est

Tuesday: 4 pm mst – 4:15 pm mst/6 pm est – 6:15 est

Wednesday: 4 pm mst – 4:15 pm mst/6 pm est – 6:15 est

Thursday: 4 pm mst – 4:15 pm mst/6 pm est – 6:15 est

The Riverstone Movement School Monthly Workshop schedule is:

3rd Monday of Every Month: 4 pm mst – 5:00 pm mst/6 pm est – 7:00 est

I'm Ready to Join the School Now!

If you are not ready to commit to the Riverstone Movement School yet, join the next Feel Good Rebellion 42-Challenge & feel what it's like to practice feeling good!

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