The "Feel Good Rebellion"

Mindful Movement

42-Day Challenge

Starts 7-3-23

"I'm Ready to Feel Good NOW!"

Happiness is a Rebellion today.


Only Rebels choose to feel good right now. It’s easy to be angry, stressed or feel sad.

Today’s Rebels must stand out from the crowds of those complaining & fear mongering, but instead mindfully choose to feel good.

You deserve to feel good. We all deserve to feel good.

Do you want to feel good?

 Do You believe you deserve to feel good?


Are you ready to mindfully move your body so you can feel good?


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This is a call to you if you are:

  • a Modern-Day Rebel who is ready to practice feeling good instead of practicing thinking
  • a Modern-Day Rebel who is ready to show up for yourself instead of constantly doing things for others or fixing things
  • a Modern-Day Rebel who is open to living in a completely different paradigm of
    • no judgment
    • no shame
    • no guilt
    • no worry
    • no complaints

Complaining, despair & status quo unhappiness is exhausting. Fear mongering has reached a new crescendo. It's draining.

We can stop fear though mindfully moving in our bodies toward feeling good.

Be a Rebel Now by Choosing to Feel Good! 

Everyone knows like attracts like.

Miserable people push opportunities away.

People who feel good, attract people and opportunities that feel good too.

I was once told, “You’re not as happy as you think you are.”

It hurt because it was true. 

I was “trying to be happy” and “doing lots of things,” but I was sinking into a deep, dark unhappiness.

I was unhappy with my career, my relationships and, especially the way I was treating myself. I felt like I had dug myself into a deep well with no way out, while my feet were in cement and the well was filling up fast with water. I felt like I may drown in my own unhappiness.

In June 2013, I went to a mindful movement (yoga) class one morning, and I “felt good,” for the first time in years. I felt so good that I kept going to class every day for 42 days.

On Day 42 of mindfully moving my body & allowing myself to feel good in my body, my mind was no longer unhappy, but instead clear and powerful.

I finally gained clarity that I had a choice to:

1.) do the same things that were creating my unhappiness


2.) do something different toward happiness.


NOW! I'm Ready to Feel Good

In order to be happy & feel good, I learned: 

1.)  In Every Moment I deserve to feel good. We all deserve to feel good, no matter what we think or have been told by others.

2.)  I Can Shift Patterns. We tend to think a lot. To feel good, sometimes we have stop thinking. Thinking creates unhappiness. Unhappiness doesn’t feel good. 

3.)  To feel good and stop thinking, I must “be present” in my body. Presence occurs when we are fully aware of our breath & we can feel our entire body in every moment.


Since 2013, I’ve maintained a strong personal mindful movement practice and started a business in 2014 to teach others how to do the same. I’ve trained thousands of people on all 7 continents on how to create mindfulness through movement in their lives.

As you move through life, life moves through you. Life can move with ease through you if you choose feel ease through life.  

How strongly do you want to create a shift in your life? 

Many personal development gurus, coaches and leaders talk about “doing mindset work.” Mindset work is great, but without the body feeling the feelings of the new mindset, it’s simply self-awareness.

If you actually want to reach new desired results in your life, you must choose to FEEL different, not just THINK different.

Thinking and feeling must go together for you to attract exactly what you want.

That’s EXACTLY why I created The 42-Day Challenge!

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What if you knew exactly how to shift from stress to success now? 


What if reaching your goals meant feeling good FIRST?


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 What you'll get:

42 Days of Consistent Dynamic Movement Practices

to Help you:

  • Feel Good in Your Body (You deserve to feel good!)
  • Stop thinking (aka stressing out) so much!
  • Shift Yourself toward Optimal Full-Body Health
  • Create elevated, sustainable energy every day

Six (6) Weeks of Daily 15 Minute Mindful Movement Classes LIVE with Lila Veronica to help your create a consistent commitment to your body transformation.

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This special community chat will help you stay consistent with your focus & alignment while practicing mindful movement.

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